Monday, July 21, 2008

Mayor of London Announces the 'Summer of Cycling'

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Walking school bus .org

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Building a Better World, One Delivery at a Time

More Cargo Biking

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Hybrid Taxi in Vancouver

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Barcelona’s Bike Sharing System

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Finding Liberté on Two Wheels

MY plane landed at Charles de Gaulle airport. I took the RER train into Paris, dropped off my bag and, two hours after landing, I was riding a bicycle down the Boulevard Saint-Germain.

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S.F. moving to catch up with European bike-share programs

San Francisco is one push of the pedal closer to offering residents and visitors a bike-sharing program in an effort to ease traffic congestion and to promote health through exercise.

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The Train That Never Stops

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Cargo bikes

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Smart Parking

Can't Find a Parking Spot? Check Smartphone

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Green Bombardier Jet

Analysts predict Bombardier's new CSeries jet to sell like hotcakes

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junctionvin writes "The company Sustainable Power Corp. claims to have created a form of bio-crude oil from agricultural refuse. They use agro-waste from cracked soy beans, rice and cotton seed hulls, grain sorghum, milo, and jatropha and turn it into bio-crude oil. This crude can then be further refined into everything from gasoline to jet fuel and just about every petrochemical in between. The CEO is quoted: 'Our biggest problem is that we are too good to be true. We can literally replace every gallon of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel in the United States using just 12 percent of the waste byproducts in the country.' They also claim that their fuel burns to near 100 percent efficiency."

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