Monday, August 25, 2008

Methane Power For Metro System

In Mexico, methane from landfills, a natural byproduct of decomposing organic matter known as landfill gas, or LFG, makes up 10 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions. Beginning in 2001, Monterrey, Mexico—a modern city of nearly four million people that disposes of over 4,500 tons of municipal solid waste a day in the Metropolitan Solid Waste Processing landfill— attempted to harvest methane from the land­fill for electricity while reducing methane emissions. It's a solid ecological one-two punch: reduce gas emissions from solid waste while improving solid waste management.

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Ray Jr. said...

Dear Friend,
You have interesting Blog, Im from Indonesia, and in my city "Bekasi" we are starting our new "Landfill Gas for electricity" Project.
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